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Goodgame Poker Goodgame Poker
5.00 rating
Elite Forces:conquest Elite Forces...
5.00 rating
Sexy Amidar Sexy Amidar
5.00 rating
Lotr Trivia Lotr Trivia
5.00 rating
Dot Blocker Dot Blocker
5.00 rating
Fairy Creator Fairy Creator
5.00 rating
Fighting Spirit Fighting Spirit
5.00 rating
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A Bonte Escape A Bonte Escape
A Bonte Escape, a game by Bart Bonte. You find yourself dropped in a strange room, but are you smart enough to get out ...
A Circles Last Stand A Circles Last Stand
A fun, arcade-style shooter/avoider!
A Day In Water A Day In Water
You are a hungry fish but fisherman try to catch you. Use your mouse to eat all the fly's but be carefully, to dont be caught.
A Dralien Day A Dralien Day
Help Dralien as he travels over a hostile alien planet searching for his Dragon mom who was taken by Dragon Hunters.
A Game. A Game.
First proper game :) If you can’t tell i couldn’t think of a name. And thats about it. Short game mind.
A Hidden Treasure Game A Hidden Treasure Game
In this game your objective is to find the treasure and open it. Click and point and click again, follow the clues and solve the mystery.
A Little Bit Of: Something Rathe.. A Little Bit Of: Something Rathe..
Dodge the obstacles, and guide your character to the right to progress. Gain points by progressing trough the level. If your game crashes, try changing graphics quality ...
A Maze Race Ii (facebook) A Maze Race Ii (facebook)
Use your intelligence and items to race against the computer.
A Maze Yin A Maze Yin
A Maze Yin is a puzzle game. The goal is simple: you need to find the way to the next level door by using the arrow keys. You can move boxes around to get your way out. Th...
A Miko Tale Marionette: Another .. A Miko Tale Marionette: Another ..
A Miko Tale Marionette: Another Tale is an active time battle fighting hybrid where you fight against more than half a dozen fighters in cinematic battles. True version(re...
A Small Talk At The Back Of Beyond A Small Talk At The Back Of Beyond
You wake up. Alone, in a dark room. Alone? No, there is someone talking to you through a console. Will you respond?
A Zombie Story A Zombie Story
An interactive story about zombies. Choose your actions and try to survive the day zombies take over the world.
A-bot A-bot
Addictive space arcade shooter with strong pixelart style graphics and dynamic music. 2165 A.D. You are A-Bot - independent anti-asteroid robot with mission to defen...
A.y.a. A.y.a.
Practically classic action-puzzle game with match-3 mechanic (like Bejeweled, but much more addictive) and "real" physic.
Aa Mania Aa Mania
AA Mania is a simple game in wich you shoot planes out of the air. For each plane you shoot you receive money, with this money you buy upgrades to enhance your AA gun.
Aaaargh! 1 Aaaargh! 1
Halloween Hammer Horror, scream with fear and laughter. Lightning, lightning,very very frightening, if it's trick or treats you're after.
Aaaargh! 2 Aaaargh! 2
Bizzare and very kooky, Mysterious and spooky, And you might get some nooky, In Aaaargh! Two... Bless You
Aardvark Bubblejoke Shooter Aardvark Bubblejoke Shooter
Shoot the Bubbles they blow up and you get a new joke
Abandoned 2 Abandoned 2
If you haven't played Abandoned play it <a href="">here</a> After the last paranormal investigation you told yourself you...
Abandoned Asylum Abandoned Asylum
This Abandoned Asylum once housed thousands of patients from all over the world. It was shut down over 50 years ago due to unexplained phenomena. Over the last few years m...
Abandoned Base Adventure 2 Abandoned Base Adventure 2
Second part of abandoned base adventures, explore abandoned army bunker search for tapes and microchips then proceed further in to the underground facility.
Abba The Fox Abba The Fox
A fun hanggliding game where the goal is to collect all the envelopes without getting stung.
Abbot's: Dodge It Abbot's: Dodge It
A game of hand-eye coordination as you try to dodge the spikes and collect the coins. This is based off of the game Eskiv. This game is part of a series of games which s...
Abombinaball Abombinaball
Defuse the bombs in the right order in this 50 level arcade puzzle game. Don't touch the wrong bomb or take too long, and be careful how you plan your route - the grid you ...
Above Average Guy Above Average Guy
Picture this – You’re sat watching TV when suddenly someone blasts through your roof, flies you to Japan and the next thing you know, you’re competing in a Japanese g...
Absence Absence
You arrive at the usual meeting place to meet Amy but all you find is her backpack. You notice the door open to the old building.....
Abstract Arcade Abstract Arcade
Experience this colorful shooter with beautiful music and amazing effects! Two different modes will challenge you, each with normal and expert difficulty settings! On...
Abstract Shots Abstract Shots
Abstract Shots is the sequel of Snake-Roid with better controls, a new weapon system and boss fights! Enjoy this little arena shooter!!! Destroy everything you see on...
Abstracta - Sonic Version Abstracta - Sonic Version
Help Sonic collect gems and rings while avoiding the badniks in this fast-paced conversion of the original abstracta game.
Abuba The Alien Abuba The Alien
Abuba the Alien needs your help to get back home!
Ac-130 Spectre Ac-130 Spectre
Pilot an AC-130 gunship and destroy enemy buildings and aircrafts.
Ac130 Skycover Ac130 Skycover
This game is the AC130 simulator where you are looking from the sky and bombing the enemy territory.
Accurate Kick: Halloween Accurate Kick: Halloween
Click a mouse and kick pumpkin as far as possible! The game on Box2D physics engine.
Aces High F-15 Strike Aces High F-15 Strike
with your F-15 past over 24 levels and defeat all bosses.